harvest 13Doctors are the first port of call in a worker’s compensation claim. From the first certificate of capacity, you are making decisions regarding the assessment and treatment of your patient.

WorkCover are encouraging early return to work programmes. This may involve the assessment and identification of suitable work duties and hours.

As a busy GP, you may be unable to spend the time on the phone with the employer discussing a suitable return to work programme.

SalusWA can make that contact with the employer and undertake the necessary assessments to develop a suitable return to work programme. We can also provide any necessary mediation between employer and employee and negotiate with the insurer to fund supernumerary work arrangements.

Many doctors are unaware that they are able to make a referral for return to work assistance. Please contact us by phone on 1800 980 994, email us or complete the referral form  and we will assist you to return your patient to work safely and professionally. Please note that SalusWA have an MMEx address.

Workcover WA has developed a website with support materials specifically for GPs. You can access it here.