Injury Management Consultant

Rowena is a physiotherapist based in Esperance with a wide range of experience and expertise. Her past experience has included onsite workplace injury management at a remote mine site, inpatient and outpatient care at several hospitals and aged care facilities, private physiotherapy practice and team physiotherapy for a state sporting team.

Rowena’s excellent knowledge and experience of injury management and rehabilitation helps her to achieve the best possible outcome in her role as Injury Management Consultant. She has excellent interpersonal skills, having worked with and assisted clients from a wide range of backgrounds and ages with a range of injuries and issues.

Rowena has a strong network of professional medical contacts in Esperance and a sound knowledge of the local employment market. She is also involved in many sporting and volunteer groups in Esperance from mountain biking to search and rescue.

Rowena is based in Esperance. Towns in the area include: Salmon Gums, Grass Patch, Condingup & Munglinup